As a photographer I’m constantly looking for places where I can get cool prints and related products with my work, and PrestoPhoto has constantly proven to be my top choice for all of it. I’ve previously bought metal prints and mini photo books, but these new layflat photo books are my new favorite thing.

The idea of a laylfat photo book is to not have the ugly curl or division you normally see in books that usually end up getting teared up from you trying to lay them flat (hence the name). These books get rid of the problem, so it made sense to try them out with a company I know makes great products. I was not disappointed.

The colors were exactly the same as the actual photo, and the quality of the paper is amazing. Some of these photos look so good I almost didn’t think I took them. The colors pop, and the paper feels so smooth I almost regret not adding more pages to it.

I ordered a 25 page book and inserted photos that would take up both pages just to see how good it would look once opened wide. I was happily surprised to see I was able to open the book wide and see the full photo with hardly even noticing where the division was.

If you’re considering maybe making a photo book for yourself, family or even for sale purposes, you’ll be happy with what PrestoPhoto is able to do for you. Check out their website to see all the awesome products they offer.

Por Stefany Báez

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