GameSir unveils their new G4s gaming controller

GameSir has finally unveiled their new wireless controller for gaming, the GameSir G4s, and it looks fantastic. This controller will be compatible with Android and iOS devices, and will also have a USB adapter that will let you use it on PCs.

A while back we showed you their previous version, the G3s. That is, to this day, our favorite controller from the moment we unboxed it. The new version promises it’ll be even better than it was, with a bunch of new features, better grip and other improvements.

The GameSir G4s will be compatible with Android and iOS, including TV boxes, as well as PC. But that’s not it, just like its predecesor, it’ll be compatible with PS3 gaming console as well. You will be able to use it via several ways: bluetooth, cable or USB dongle.

The design on this controller is completely revamped compared to the previous one, making it a lot more ergonomic and comfortable for hours of gaming. The clip is now integrated with the controller, and you now have a slot to store the USB dongle within the controller.gamesir1

We are happy to say we will have the chance to try out this controller, so make sure you stay tuned for more news. If you want more details on the controller, here’s the press release from GameSir.